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The city of Karlovac lies in the green heart of Croatia, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra Rivers, just under the Dubovac Castle old, and featuring numerous century old parks, gardens and promenades.

Long ago, on 13th July 1579, the town was established by Archduke Charles II von Habsburg, and after whom it was named (Charles = Karl), as a new fortress to defend against the Ottoman attacks.

The Renaissance fortified town was constructed in the form of a six-pointed star, surrounded by moats, while within the fortress walls, a series of streets at right angle were built and served as the centre of service and craft activities.

The geographic position is what makes this city unique, and the roads called the Josephine, Karolina and Louisiana, all starting at Karlovac, were the first to link continental Croatia with the sea.

If you call it a city which is a meeting point, a city of, rivers, parks, experiences or beer, you won't be wrong.

This is the place where culture and tradition, modern and urban lifestyle, active vacations and a sporting spirit all meet.

The old castle Dubovac

A renaissance castle is proudly standing above Karlovac, the castle being one of the most preserved castles in Croatia. The Croatian noblemen Zrinski and Frakopan are responsible for its current appearance.
There is a permanent exhibition in the castle, the fortress – viewpoint is open for the visitors, and there is also a rich gastro offer.

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The only and unique freshwater aquarium in this part of Europe. Dive in or set sail on our four rivers, the Korana, the Kupa, the Mrežnica and the Dobra whose flora and fauna have been copied in our aquariums. Over 100 species, and even 40 endemic species of fish have found its home at Aquatika.

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The city of parks

The promenade is the greenest ring around the six-pointed star, the Vrbanić garden is shaped as a romantic area and it is a protected area of garden architecture. Marmont Avenue stretches for 850 meters and it features 101 plane trees.

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Rafting and canoeing

The richness of four Karlovac rivers makes us special for a variety of water sports. The most popular ones are rafting and canoeing.

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Turanj – a military complex

At the south entrance to the city, in the suburb of Turanj, there are the remains of the Austrian barracks which served as an outpost for the fort of Karlovac. During the Homeland war, it repeated its role of the outpost, so means of combat techniques and military vehicles used in the Homeland war are placed around the building.

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The Church of Holy Trinity and
Fraciscan monastery

The church, the oldest building in Karlovac and the first civilian building was built at the same time as the fort. It burnt down in 1692, and on the very same place, a new church was built with a 44m high bell tower. The architectural complex of the church and the accompanying Franciscan monastery with the sacral arts is the national cultural heritage monument. The museum collection consists of a variety of paintings, the 16th and 17th century ones standing out.

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City Museum Karlovac

It is located in the oldest city palace on Strossmayer Square. It is a place of preservation of memories and antiques of the city. Today, its activities comprise of collection, restoration and conservation, and keeping of the museum materials featuring six collections: archaeological, historical, cultural and historical, ethnological and a gallery collection. The museum has a rich fundus of 18 000 valuable items.

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Foginovo bath resort

Foginovo bath resort, the only registered river bath resort in Croatia, the winner of awards „Green Flower“ and „Tourist Flower“ is located almost in the very center of the city of Karlovac on the Korana river.

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Grain boat Aurora Colapis

Set sail on this historic boat! The grain boat is a unique attraction in Europe. Visitors enjoy in this trip with traditional music, and can also enjoy in refreshments, purchase homemade liqueur, brandy, jams or handmade souvenirs. During the trip, the boatmen introduce the visitors to the story of the boat, the history of Pokuplje (area around the Kupa river), sunken boats, and the rich wildlife.

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National Shrine of St. Joseph

The shrine was declared the National Shrine of St. Joseph of the Church of Croats on 15th April 1987. It was built in the area of Karlovac known as Dubovac, under the 13th century old town bearing the same name.

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Museum of Karlovac fire
department 1871

Firefighters from the area of the Karlovac County created this space in memory of the long tradition and gratitude to all stakeholders of firefighting development in Karlovac area. There are over a thousand exhibits from the 19th and 20th century in the museum.

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Zvijezda (eng. the Star)

Zvijezda (eng. the Star) is the name of the oldest and central part of the city of Karlovac, the so-called Karlovac fortress. It was built in the 16th century as the renaissance fortification system of a characteristic six-pointed star shape.

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